Virtual Symposium | Controlled Human Infection Model (CHIM) for HCV Vaccine Development

Virtual Symposium | Controlled Human Infection Model (CHIM) for HCV Vaccine Development

September 14 2023
10:00 AM
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NIH Research Advancing Hepatitis Elimination
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An effective preventive vaccine is necessary for global HCV elimination. To accelerate vaccine development, the concept of a controlled human infection model (CHIM) for HCV has been proposed. In this Symposium, topics ranging from the source of viral inoculum and the safety of transient HCV infection to the perspective of potential volunteers and the ethics of CHIM. We also propose a framework for the feasibility of developing well-designed clinical protocols for HCV CHIM. Register here.

Organized by T. Jake Liang, Jordan Feld, Naglaa Shoukry, David Thomas in partnership with CGHE


Introduction and Opening Remarks

John Ward, Director, Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination
Francis Collins, NIH


T. Jake Liang, NIH: "Progress summary of HCV CHIM for HCV vaccine development"
Charles Weijer, Western University: "Ethics of HCV CHIM"
Jake Ebert, 1DaySooner: "Volunteering for HCV CHIM: Participant Perspectives"

Panel Discussion moderated by David Thomas, Johns Hopkins University

Panelists: Charles Wiejer, Western University; Jake Ebert, 1DaySooner; Daniel Raymond, National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable; Andrea Cox, Johns Hopkins; Kimberly Page, UNM; Donald Brown, Johns Hopkins University; Jake Liang, NIH.


Susanna Naggie, Duke University: "DAA treatment for acute and recent HCV infection"
David Thomas, Johns Hopkins University: "Long-term consequences of resolved acute HCV infection"

Panel Discussion moderated by Jordan Feld, University of Toronto

Panelists: Christine Hsu, NIH; Jurgen Rockstroh, University Hospital Bonn; Susanna Naggie, Duke University; Norah Terrault, University of Southern California; David Thomas, Johns Hopkins University; Graham Foster, Queen Mary University of London.

- break -


Raymond Chung, Massachusetts General Hospital: "Challenge Inoculum for HCV CHIM"
Jordan Feld, University of Toronto: "HCV clinical trial design"
Naglaa Shoukry, University of Montreal: "Immunological monitoring in HCV CHIM"

Panel Discussion moderated by Naglaa Shoukry, University of Montreal

Panelists: Harvey Alter, NIH; Michael Houghton, Jake Liang, NIH; Dave Thomas, Johns Hopkins University; Jordan Feld, University of Toronto; Ellie Barnes, Oxford University; Marian Major, FDA; Ray Chung, MGH; Mark Sulkowski, Johns Hopkins University; Marc Ghany, NIH; Julie Bruneau, University of Montreal; Jens Bukh, Copenhagen University; Emily Erbelding, NIH. 

Closing remarks: Jake Liang, NIH & John Ward, CGHE


For more background, read the Clinical Infectious Diseases Supplement: "Controlled Human Infection Model for HCV Vaccine Development" 



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