Global HDV Elimination: Challenges and Opportunities

Global HDV Elimination: Challenges and Opportunities

July 20 2023
1.5 hrs
Webinar series
Hepatitis D Webinar Series
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Join the Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination and ICE-HBV for a webinar on July 20th to review the status of hepatitis D (HDV) elimination globally. As new therapeutic options are now available, this webinar will review the burden of HDV, challenges in testing, current options and advances in therapy, and recent lessons learned from Bulevirtide.


Presentation 1 | Burden of HDV- global epidemiology and clinical features | Maria Buti, Spain
Presentation 2 | Treatment indications and current options for advances in therapy | Heiner Wedemeyer, Germany
Presentation 3 | Lessons learned from Bulevirtide | Pietro Lampertico, Italy
Presentation 4 | What are the challenges in testing for HDV? | Fabien Zoulim, France
Roundtable discussion with the contributions of:

  • Stephen Urban, Germany
  • Naranjargal Dashdorj, Mongolia
  • Richard Njouom, Cameroon
  • Anna Kramvis, South Africa
  • Manal El Sayed, Egypt