Actions and Recommendations to Improve HCV Linkage and Treatment in Pregnancy

Actions and Recommendations to Improve HCV Linkage and Treatment in Pregnancy

March 15 2023
12:00 PM
Webinar series
Treatment of Hepatitis C in Pregnancy
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Although routine antenatal testing for hepatitis C is increasing, there is limited guidance when it comes to best practices regarding hepatitis C treatment for individuals diagnosed during pregnancy. As a result, very few individuals diagnosed with hepatitis C in pregnancy are successfully treated, and they remain exposed to the ongoing risks associated with chronic hepatitis C infection.

This TiP-HepC ("Treatment in Pregnancy for Hepatitis C") Community of Practice is a three-part webinar series that will focus on 1) the challenges of linkage and treatment for hepatitis C in pregnancy, 2) practical strategies and best practices to improve linkage to care and treatment, and 3) research needs to improve clinical practice and treatment coverage for pregnant persons. This webinar series will bring together clinicians, academics, researchers, advocates, professional societies, regulatory agencies and industry representatives to align on best practices to improve treatment for HCV in pregnancy. The TiP-HepC Community of Practice is intended for all stakeholders involved in the care of hepatitis C infection in pregnancy.

This third webinar in our TiP-HepC series will focus on: "Actions and recommendations to improve HCV linkage and treatment for pregnant patients."



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