Technical notes: Number of persons treated for HCV

Technical notes: Number of persons treated for HCV


Description of indicator: This indicator represents the number of persons who successfully completed HCV treatment and were virally suppressed.


The sources of HCV treatment data include:

ECDC (2019). Monitoring the responses to hepatitis B and C epidemics in the EU/EEA Member States 2019. Available at:

  • Annex 12, Table 1 on page 80 was referenced for this data.
  • ECDC notes there were significant gaps in the completeness of data and the robustness of the data is suboptimal in many areas. ECDC stated, "For hepatitis C, one of the key issues with the construction of the continuum is that, unless a country is able to adjust the data, individuals who spontaneously resolve their infection or are treated and subsequently cured still remain in the pool of individuals previously diagnosed. This results in misleading information."
  • ECDC reported many countries were lacking estimates on treated patients who achieved viral suppression. A wider range of countries reported on number of patients who initiated treatment. 
  • ECDC reported that 29 of 31 countries could provide data for some part of the HCV continuum of care and 9 countries provided data for the full HCV continuum of care.

Public Health England (2020). Hepatitis C in England 2020 Working to eliminate hepatitis C as a major public health threat.

  • Public Health England reports HCV treatments by tax year which is April 6th - April 5th. On the dashboards, the estimates are assigned to the latest year.


No modelled estimates currently available.

Last day updated 17 Nov 2021