Strategic Information Collaborative

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Strategic Information Collaborative

The Coalition is launching a strategic information data collaborative through organizing a webinar series to explore issues regarding the strategic information needed for program planning and monitoring progress toward performance indicators and health outcomes.

As the world starts the final decade to reaching the 2030 elimination goals, strategic information becomes an even more important asset to appropriately monitoring progress towards these goals. With this in mind, and due to the continued shortage of reliable and consistent national data on the burden of hepatitis and program performance metrics, WHO called for a strategic information collaborative at the 2019 Global Partners Meeting to increase transparency around strategic information and promote synergies across stakeholders.

Through this Strategic Information Collaborative, the Coalition is working with WHO and other partners to bring stakeholders together to share methodology and results, identify and address gaps and barriers, and promote synergies and collaborations. 

Key stakeholders participating include: WHO, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, European Centers for Disease Control (ECDC), Medicines Patent Pool, Clinton Health Access Initiative, US CDC, Center for Disease Analysis Foundation, Coalition Technical Advisory Board members, and academic centers (among others). If you would like to be invited to future webinars, please email

Webinars will be planned approximately every 6 weeks. All webinar recordings will be posted here.

Last day updated 01 Nov 2022