US Veterans Administration National Viral Hepatitis Program (National program)

US Veterans Administration National Viral Hepatitis Program (National program)

Virus targets
Hepatitis C
Testing and treatment implementation
WHO region
Region of the Americas
United States of America
Key interventions
Community mobilization
Strategic data analysis
Screening and diagnosis
Target population
Birth cohorts of adults
Performance target
Care cascade: HCV diagnosis
Care cascade: HCV testing
Care cascade: HCV treatment
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Performance target additional info

Over 100,000 Veterans cured. 83.7% of birth cohort tested to date.

Summary and objectives

Veterans Health Administration has utilized Hepatitis Innovation Teams (HITs) as part of our national effort to redesign care and cure hepatitis C among Veterans. Through local and regional teams and coordinated by a leadership team, HITs use Lean management strategies to maximize available resources to achieve higher rates of testing and treatment of patients with hepatitis C. Data from VA national databases is used for continuous improvement of their strategies. Annual VA-wide aspirational goals (e.g. increasing HCV birth cohort testing, improving the percentage of patients who had SVR12 testing) are developed. Examples of successful innovations include outreach strategies to locate homeless Veterans, provide point-of-care testing and utilize mobile technology to link Veterans to care; and partnering with inpatient and outpatient substance use treatment clinics to provide education and coordinate treatment. In addition to the work of the HITs, the national program office has provided guidance, treatment considerations, advertising campaigns to promote HCV testing and treatment. VA also has had established special purpose funds to cover medication costs. The work on the HITS and the national program office have helped VA reach over 100,000 Veterans cured of hepatitis C.


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