Tajikist Viral Hepatitis Elimination Program (National program)


Tajikist Viral Hepatitis Elimination Program (National program)

Virus targets
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Prevention implemention
Other targets
Under consideration
Health outcomes
WHO region
Eastern Mediterranean Region
Key interventions
Blood safety
Community mobilization
Hepatitis B Vaccination
Persons who inject drugs: HCV cure as prevention
Persons who inject drugs: Medication assisted therapy
Persons who inject drugs: Syringe service program(s)
Prevention mother-child transmission
Strategic data analysis
Screening and diagnosis
Treatment (direct or referral)
Target population
All ages
Blood transfusion recipients
Household contact(s)
Incarcerated populations (current and former)
Men who have sex with men
Occupations with possible exposure
Persons who inject drugs
Pregnant women
Sexual contact(s)
Performance target
Blood safety
Care cascade: HBV diagnosis
Care cascade: HBV testing
Care cascade: HBV treatment
Care cascade: HCV diagnosis
Care cascade: HCV testing
Care cascade: HCV treatment
Care cascade: Referred for treatment
HBV prevention of mother to child transmission
Hepatitis B vaccination coverage
Injection safety
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Health outcomes additional info

HCV Infection elimination, HBV infection control

Summary and objectives

As the world looks to 2030, and prepares to meet the challenges of an ambitious set of Sustainable Development Goals, the Tajikistan, follow World Health Organization development Tajikistan has health sector strategies to cover viral hepatitis objectives: (1) Expanding the range of services provided – Improving the range, quality and availability of essential health services that are needed; (2) Covering the populations in need of services – Improving the equitable and optimal uptake of services in relation to need; (3) Reducing the direct costs of services – Providing financial protection for those who need the services.

HBV prevalence ~ 8% of unimmunized population; HCV prevalence~ 8% in Tajikistan

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