Raising awareness on Hepatitis B in Uganda (Project Hope Foundation)


Raising awareness on Hepatitis B in Uganda (Project Hope Foundation)

Virus targets
Hepatitis B
Prevention implemention
Other targets
Health outcomes
WHO region
African Region
Key interventions
Community mobilization
Hepatitis B Vaccination
Prevention mother-child transmission
Target population
Adolescents (10 - 19 years of age)
Adults (> 19 years of age)
Household contact(s)
Newborn (born in last 30 days)
Pregnant women
Sexual contact(s)
Performance target
Blood safety
Care cascade: HBV diagnosis
Care cascade: HBV testing
Care cascade: HBV treatment
HBV prevention of mother to child transmission
Hepatitis B vaccination coverage
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Health outcomes additional info

Reduce prevalence to 2% by 2030.

Summary and objectives

Raising awareness on Hepatitis B; According to the 2016 Uganda Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (UPHIA) Survey, prevalence of Hepatitis B infection among adults stands at 4.3% (5.6% among men and 3.1% among women).

One of the challenges is limited awareness on Hepatitis B, its causes, transmission and how it can be prevented in Uganda. This is made worse by health workers who also lack the right information and hence share information that increases stigma and discrimination.
We are developing tools and a platform to share information about Hepatitis B, patient stories, communications from the ministry health in regard to hepatitis B in Uganda.

Our target is 98% of all new born complete vaccinations, and 80% of the population in Uganda get hepatitis testing and/or vaccination by 2030.

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