Pattern of Viral Hepatitis in Ondo State, Nigeria

Pattern of Viral Hepatitis in Ondo State, Nigeria

Virus targets
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Operational research
Other targets
Human immunodeficiency virus
Health outcomes
WHO region
African Region
Target goal
Key interventions
Community mobilization
HBV perinatal screening and prophylaxis
HBV testing and linkage to care
HCV testing and linkage to Care
Screening and diagnosis
Screening of pregnant women
Vaccination (general)
Target population
All ages
General Population
Performance target
Blood safety
Care cascade: Evidence of current infection
Care cascade: HBV diagnosis
Care cascade: HBV testing
Care cascade: HBV treatment
Care cascade: HCV diagnosis
Care cascade: HCV testing
Care cascade: HCV treatment
Care cascade: Referred for treatment
HBV prevention of mother to child transmission
Hepatitis B vaccination coverage
Injection safety
Vaccination coverage
Care cascade
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Health outcomes additional info

Impact of hepatitis elimination programs on the current prevalence of viral hepatitis in Ondo State, Nigeria

Summary and objectives

Main Objective: To study the pattern of viral hepatitis in Ondo state, Nigeria as a way to determine how far we have gone with elimination.

Content of our program: Medical outreach including awareness on viral hepatitis, Viral hepatitis Screening and referral.

Target: To determine the impact of the various elimination strategies.

Accomplishment: We found the current prevalence of viral hepatitis in Ondo State Nigeria for Hepatitis C Virus  as 1% and that of Hepatitis B Virus as 5.4%.

Program's challenge: Inability to determine the prevalence among age group younger than 10 years in Ondo State, Nigeria.

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