Invest in Eliminating Hepatitis, Let's find the Missing Million--Sierra Leone

Invest in Eliminating Hepatitis, Let's find the Missing Million--Sierra Leone

Virus targets
Hepatitis B
Testing and treatment implementation
Health outcomes
WHO region
African Region
Sierra Leone
Key interventions
Community mobilization
HBV testing and linkage to care
Screening and diagnosis
Treatment (direct or referral)
Target population
Adolescents (10 - 19 years of age)
Adults (> 19 years of age)
Occupations with possible exposure
Performance target
Care cascade: Evidence of current infection
Care cascade: HBV testing
Care cascade: Referred for treatment
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Performance target additional info

Achieve 70% of community sensitization and screening by 2020

Summary and objectives

Program Goals
To at least reach 80% of population of Sierra Leone to know about hepatitis and its prevention.

1) To continue to reduce prevalence and incident rate of hepatitis (Implemented and ongoing)
2) To establish a strong relationship with the ministry of health to develop a national health policy for Hepatitis and to embark on nationwide wide screening and sensitization, research (which is lacking) , improve on diagnosis, and management of Hepatitis B and C. (Ongoing)
3) To target high risk groups educate them, test them and do appropriate referral. (Implemented and ongoing).
4) Advocate with partners for mass immunization of vulnerable groups

1) Become a member of the CGHE and WHA
2) Organize seminars in collaboration with Ministry of Health, partners and prospective donors.
3) Start to host African Hepatitis Summit
4) Actively engage with epidemiologists, relevant health care workers and other partners to reach our objectives and goals.



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