HIV/HCV Drug Affordability Project

HIV/HCV Drug Affordability Project

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Summary and objectives

Through outreach at the community level and engagement in the domestic policy dialogue, the HIV/HCV Drug Affordability Project has promoted increased awareness, access to diagnostics,and access to treatment. The project operates through partnerships with in-country community and civil society organizations. All of our partners either represent or work closely with marginalized populations.

The project recognizes and reinforces the fact that community engagement is an essential element of an effective public health response. Launched in 2015, the project currently involves partnerships with organizations in Malaysia, Morocco, India, Colombia, and Brazil. The project has been made possible through the financial support of Unitaid.

Founded in 2008, Coalition PLUS is an international coalition of community-based
organizations against AIDS and viral hepatitis. Coalition PLUS is now present worldwide with 100 partners in 40 countries. Through the 14 member organizations of our Board, the decision-making process involves associations from both the Global North and Global South. With our community-based approach, we advocate for people who live with HIV / viral hepatitis and key populations to be systematically involved in the design, implementation
and evaluation of the healthcare programs that directly affect them. Through our action and our 6 regional platforms, we aim to strengthen the capacity of our members and partners, as well as to expand the space for their participation in important dialogues.

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