Hepatitis C elimination in Morocco

Hepatitis C elimination in Morocco

Virus targets
Hepatitis C
Operational research
Prevention implemention
Testing and treatment implementation
Micro elimination
Health outcomes
WHO region
Eastern Mediterranean Region
Target goal
Key interventions
Community mobilization
HCV testing and linkage to Care
Screening and diagnosis
Treatment (direct or referral)
Target population
All ages
Performance target
Care cascade: HCV diagnosis
Care cascade: HCV testing
Care cascade: Referred for treatment
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Summary and objectives

The "Hepatitis C elimination in Morocco" program will strive to eliminate the burden of hepatitis C (HepC) on public health.

We aim to achieve our goals through education/awareness, testing, and affordable treatments. Our project is threefold:

1. Firstly, we will promote HepC testing in the general population through education and public awareness campaigns;

2. Secondly, we will evaluate to what extent HepC is underdiagnosed in the general population by conducting transversal epidemiological studies coupled with generalized testing in the study populations;

3. Thirdly, we will evaluate the efficacy of affordable direct-acting antiviral treatments in the afflicted population.

The program is therefore of broad biomedical significance.

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