Help Desk for Viral Hepatitis Elimination

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Help Desk for Viral Hepatitis Elimination

CGHE is launching the Help Desk for Viral Hepatitis Elimination. This Help Desk leverages the CGHE community of practice and evidence base to respond to technical assistance (TA) requests from national and sub-national programs.

With the assistance of Coalition partners, CGHE seeks to respond to questions regarding the planning and implementation of the interventions to  prevent, detect and treat viral hepatitis and reach goals for hepatitis elimination  

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What types of TA requests can be submitted?

The CGHE Help Desk welcomes all TA requests.

CGHE is currently best placed to respond to TA requests related to:

  • Strategic information: Designing epidemiological studies, interpreting epidemiological or program data, or providing editorial assistance in reporting to the Global Hepatitis Reporting System, CGHE dashboards, or other publications or reporting systems
  • Policy and action plans: Developing and evaluating programs for viral hepatitis prevention including hepatitis B vaccination, testing and linkage to care and treatment
  • Program strategies: Tailoring strategies for hepatitis prevention including hepatitis B vaccination, testing and linkage to care and treatment taking into consideration the country context, including the nature and dynamics of country viral hepatitis epidemics, populations affected, capacity of the health care and community systems, and available and requested  resources
  • Budget planning: Revise to Estimating the costs and cost-effectiveness of hepatitis prevention including hepatitis B vaccination, testing and linkage to care and treatment including  developing annual budgets
  • Training resources: Designing and evaluating community education and  health-worker training to implement appropriate interventions for  target populations
  • Implementation bottlenecks: Resolving challenges related to the elimination of HBV and HCV mother to child transmission, the scale-up of hepatitis testing and linkage to care and treatment, developing and updating  hepatitis elimination plans, improving strategic information for program planning and evaluation, and engaging new stakeholders in local coalition for hepatitis elimination  
  • Data analysis: Analyzing epidemiologic and program data for decision-making and reporting
  • Presentations or reports: Assist preparations of  reports and publications to monitor program performance, share lessons learn, inform policy makers and mobilize new stakeholders

TA requests help CGHE understand what challenges programs are facing and identify gaps where additional resources and tools are needed.

Although the CGHE Help Desk will be as responsive as possible to all incoming requests, some requests may be beyond the expertise and resources CGHE currently has available.

What solutions can be offered?

Depending on the nature of the request, the CGHE Help Desk will seek to respond with one or more of the following types of assistance:

  • Guidance on appropriate resources
  • Peer-to-peer assistance from other programs in CGHE
  • Evidence from systematic reviews and CGHE information resources
  • Web-based tools available from CGHE and partner organizations
  • The appropriate training to use these tools
  • Consultations with CGHE staff, CGHE consultants, and members of the CGHE Technical Advisory Board
  • Referral to other TA providers who partner with CGHE

How to submit a request:

Before you submit your request, we encourage you to explore whether you question is answered on one of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages.

FAQ pages:

Requests can be submitted to:

Or questions can be sent to globalhep [at]

How long will it take for the Help Desk to respond?

You will receive an automatic notification that your request has been received. The Help Desk will then respond with information and if needed set up a time for an initial consultation. Following the consultation, a timeline for technical assistance will be developed based on the scope of the challenge and resources available.

Can CGHE help fund program delivery?

Currently, CGHE does not have funding to support direct program delivery. CGHE can suggest potential sources of funding to explore, i.e. grant opportunities, and CGHE can connect you with other programs to consult who have established sustainable sources of financing.

How will results of TA be shared?

Information generated or learned from the response to the TA request will be added to CGHE information resources. CGHE will not indicate in any publicly-available resources the name of the program receiving the assistance without the approval of the program. To assure the information is presented appropriately, CGHE will also validate any summary reports or other write-ups with the program.

Last day updated 11 Jan 2022