HCV Elimination Program in Rwanda (National program)

HBV vaccination in Rwanda

HCV Elimination Program in Rwanda (National program)

Virus targets
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Testing and treatment implementation
Health outcomes
WHO region
African Region
Key interventions
Community mobilization
Hepatitis B Vaccination
Prevention mother-child transmission
Screening and diagnosis
Strategic data analysis
Treatment (direct or referral)
Target population
Household contact(s)
Newborn (born in last 30 days)
Occupations with possible exposure
Pregnant women
Performance target
Care cascade: Evidence of current infection
Care cascade: HBV diagnosis
Care cascade: HBV testing
Care cascade: HBV treatment
Care cascade: HCV diagnosis
Care cascade: HCV testing
Care cascade: HCV treatment
Care cascade: Referred for treatment
HBV prevention of mother to child transmission
Vaccination coverage
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Health outcomes additional info

  • By 2024: Screen 4,000,000  people for HCV, 90% of the population 15 years and older and also treat 110,000, 80% of those diagnosed positive for HCV
  • Decrease prevalence of HCV and HBV from 4% to 1.2% by 2024
  • Decrease liver cancer rate from 8% to less than 1%

Performance target additional info

Rwanda's target is to scale up viral hepatitis elimination implementation by 2024 rather than 2030

Summary and objectives

In less than 5 years Rwanda plans to :

  • Screen for HCV 4 Millions people aged 15 and above
  • 110,000 would have cured (90% of targeted pop)
  • Reduce HCV prevalence from an estimate of 4% to 1.2%
  • Average patients cured per year: 22,400
  • Reduce liver cancers from 8% to <1 %

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