Chennai Liver Foundation-- India

Chennai Liver Foundation-- India

Virus targets
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Prevention implemention
Technical assistance
Testing and treatment implementation
Micro elimination
Other targets
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis E
Health outcomes
WHO region
South-East Asia Region
Target goal
Key interventions
Community mobilization
Harm reduction
HBV testing and linkage to care
HCV testing and linkage to Care
HCV treatment
Hep B birth-dose vaccination
Hepatitis B Vaccination
Implementation of vaccination (general)
Injection safety and infection control
Linkage to care
Prevention mother-child transmission
Safer injection practices
Screening of pregnant women
Screening and diagnosis
Treatment (direct or referral)
Vaccination (general)
Target population
Adults (> 19 years of age)
All ages
Household contact(s)
Infants (less than one year of age)
Newborn (born in last 30 days)
Occupations with possible exposure
Pregnant women
Performance target
Care cascade: HBV diagnosis
Care cascade: HBV testing
Care cascade: HBV treatment
Care cascade: HCV diagnosis
Care cascade: HCV testing
Care cascade: HCV treatment
Care cascade: Referred for treatment
Harm reduction (access to safe injection equipment for persons who inject drugs)
HBV prevention of mother to child transmission
Hepatitis B vaccination coverage
Injection safety
Vaccination coverage
Care cascade
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Summary and objectives

About 2-3 % of Indian population are chronic carriers of either Hepatitis B or C. Given the population of India is 1.3 billion, there is a huge problem. We believe education is the best way forward. 

Hence we do a lot of community teaching and awareness programme and encourage people to get tested. The Government of India is now determined more than ever and we are collaborating with the government to achieve the goal of elimination by 2030.

As our trust is being run by Liver specialists, linkage to care has never been a problem and we are adding more and more patients to treatment each day.  

We are one of the largest organisations n India working for elimination of Viral Hepatitis. We have published our work in European journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology in Sep 2018. 

Funding has been one of our major issues 

Collaboration between various organisations and the government has been a big challenge. 

Read more about the mission of the Chennai Liver Foundation and Dr. Vivekanandan Shanmugam, who co-runs the Foundation with his Father, here:

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