Karine Lacombe


Photo of Dr. Lacombe

Karine Lacombe, M.D, PhD, is an infectious diseases specialist whose main focuses in clinical practice, teaching and research are HIV and chronic hepatitis. Dr Lacombe grew in the French Alps where she completed her undergraduate studies at Grenoble Science University (Université Joseph Fourier). She graduated from Pierre et Marie Curie Medical University in Paris and completed her residency in St Antoine Hospital, Paris and St André Hospital, Bordeaux. In 2006, she completed her PhD in Epidemiology on HIV / hepatitis B coinfection and the determinants of liver fibrosis evolution. She became an associate Professor in Infectious Diseases in 2007. Teaching is one of her main interests and besides teaching to medical students in diverse French universities, she has taken part and organised several teaching workshops in Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. Recent publications include results of trials in HIV and hepatitis C coinfection as well as natural and on treatment history of hepatitis B in HIV infected patients. As a testimony to her high expertise in HIV and viral hepatitis infections, she is a member of several guidelines panels and advisory boards (WHO, EACS, UNAIDS, EASL, FIND, Medicine Patent Pool). She is the peer reviewer for several high IF journals such as Lancet Infectious Diseases, Hepatology, Journal of Hepatology or Clinical Infectious Diseases. She holds a professorship position Sorbonne Universite Medical School and has become the head of the Infectious Diseases Department in St Antoine Hospital, Paris in May 2019.