Henry Njuguna


Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination
Henry Njuguna

Dr. Henry Njuguna completed his medical and MPH degrees in Kenya. After a brief stint in clinical practice, he started his career in Public Health, where he has worked for the last 15 years. He worked for the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Kenya in an active population based infectious disease surveillance program located in one of Kenya’s largest informal settlement, Kibera, Nairobi. In his capacity as the research doctor and surveillance clinic in-charge, he coordinated routine surveillance for acute febrile illnesses, respiratory diseases, diarrheal diseases and diseases presenting with jaundice. Later on he joined the Influenza Program, CDC Kenya as a medical epidemiologist. Working in collaboration with the Kenya Ministry of Health, he coordinated hospital based routine sentinel surveillance for influenza in multiple hospitals within Kenya. He was also the Principal Investigator for the Pediatric Respiratory Disease Etiology Surveillance Study (PRESS), a postmortem study investigating the etiologies of pediatric respiratory disease deaths. Henry completed his EIS training fellowship at the Washington State Department of Health. During his EIS training, he participated in several field investigations for both communicable and non-communicable disease clusters and outbreaks including a large healthcare facility-associated outbreak of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection that was linked to narcotic drug diversion by a healthcare worker. Henry has also worked for CDC’s Global Immunization Division, supporting the uptake of hepatitis B vaccine birth dose. He has also been deployed to support COVID-19 outbreak investigations in Utah and Louisiana. Most recently, Henry worked for the CDC Foundation supporting CDC’s Global Non-Communicable Disease Control in developing training material and supporting the Field Epidemiology and Training Program’s residents on cardiovascular disease epidemiology. Henry has published 38 peer reviewed publications, including 12 first author publications. He has also presented oral and poster presentations in local (Kenya) and international conferences.