Launch of the Treatment In Pregnancy for Hepatitis C (“TiP-HepC”) Registry

Launch of the Treatment In Pregnancy for Hepatitis C (“TiP-HepC”) Registry

On December 3rd, the Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination (CGHE) launched the Treatment In Pregnancy for Hepatitis C (“TiP-HepC”) Registry to inform treatment options for pregnant women with viral hepatitis C (“HepC”) infection. 

An estimated 21% of the global population infected with HepC are women of childbearing age, and the proportion of pregnant women with HepC is on the rise [1, 2]. Prenatal screening for HepC is now recommended in the US and is increasingly the standard of care globally.  However, treatment is not currently recommended during pregnancy due to limited data regarding safety and efficacy in mother-infant pairs.  Women found to have HepC infection on prenatal screening are typically referred for treatment after pregnancy and breastfeeding, but very few women ultimately access treatment.

If safe and effective, HepC treatment during pregnancy could potentially increase the number of women accessing treatment while also reducing risk of mother-to-child HepC transmission. With support of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the TiP-HepC registry will collect and document the outcomes of mother-infant pairs exposed to HepC treatment during pregnancy from routine clinical practice in hepatitis treatment programs and treatment centers worldwide. The project aims to describe the frequency and timing of known cases of women exposed to treatment during pregnancy, assess the safety of treatment in pregnancy for mother-infant pairs, and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment in pregnancy for achieving cure for mothers and reducing transmission to their infants.

CGHE will establish a community of practice dedicated to understanding and optimizing the treatment options for women diagnosed with HepC in pregnancy.  An online knowledge hub will be established and stakeholders will be convened to share scientific research and programmatic experiences and discuss policy issues related to HepC in pregnancy.

On December 4th, Dr. Neil Gupta, Chief Technical Officer at CGHE, formally launched the TiP-HepC Registry  at the International Viral Hepatitis Elimination Meeting. View a recording of Dr. Gupta’s presentation here.

If you are interested in contributing data or collaborating on the TiP-HepC project, contact Dr. Gupta at ngupta-consultant [at]

The Treatment In Pregnancy for Hepatitis C “TiP-HepC” Registry is funded by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  More information on TiP-HepC and how to contribute is available here.


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