International Viral Hepatitis Elimination Meeting (IVHEM) 2021 Scholarships Available

International Viral Hepatitis Elimination Meeting (IVHEM) 2021 Scholarships Available

The Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination (CGHE) is offering registration scholarships for the 2021 International Viral Hepatitis Elimination Meeting (IVHEM) to be held virtually December 3-4th.

 Scholarship eligibility criteria include:

  • Residence  in a low- or middle-income country or low-resource setting
  • A description of the applicant’s activities related to viral hepatitis prevention, care and treatment or activities related to populations at risk for viral hepatitis (up to two sentences)
  • A description of how participation in IVHEM 2021 will assist this work (one sentence)

To apply for an CGHE scholarship to IVHEM 2021, complete this form:

CGHE will review applications as they are received. CGHE will prioritize scholarships to promote geographic diversity at IVHEM 2021. Applications will close on November 21, 2021.

IVHEM is the international meeting dedicated to HBV and HCV elimination. Participants will present updates of progress toward hepatitis elimination across WHO regions, micro elimination initiatives,  and other innovative programs that improve the prevention of viral hepatitis transmission and disease. The program includes practical examples of innovative intervention studies, country elimination programs, and novel funding mechanisms for testing and treatment.  Nobel Laureate Harvey Alter will provide his perspectives on the opportunities for moving from viral discovery to elimination and eventually eradication of hepatitis B and hepatitis C.  More information can be found here: This year's meeting will be held virtually.

If you have inquiries on the status of your application, please email CGHE at globalhep [at]