"Innovations in Hepatitis Elimination": 2nd Author Interview on Sept 10th 11-11:30 AM ET

"Innovations in Hepatitis Elimination": 2nd Author Interview on Sept 10th 11-11:30 AM ET

Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination

Author Interview: "Screening adult children of hepatitis C-infected baby boomers: barriers to testing and prevalence estimates"


Thursday, September 10th, 11-11:30 am ET


  • Dr. David Goldberg, MD, MSCE Author

  • John W. Ward, MD, Moderator and Discussant

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Join this discussion on the barriers experienced in implementing the Baby Boomer HCV screening recommendations and what lessons must be learned to effectively implement universal HCV screening in the United States and other countries, a necessary step in many contexts to achieving elimination. Dr. John Ward oversaw the release of the Baby Boomer screening recommendations as Director of the CDC Division of Viral Hepatitis. He will speak with Dr. Goldberg from the University of Miami (Florida) on the barriers experienced in his practice to implementing these recommendations and will explore what lessons can be learned for implementing the new CDC universal HCV screening recommendations. 

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More about "Innovations in Hepatitis Elimination Series"

 This series "Innovations in Hepatitis Elimination,"  was launched in the AASLD journal, Clinical Liver Disease, in July 2020. For each article, the Coalition will host a virtual interview with the author to hear more about their work and how their findings can be translated to  other elimination programs. More information and previous articles and author interviews are available at: https://www.globalhep.org/evidence-base/innovations-hepatitis-elimination-series-clinical-liver-disease