First Annual Hepatitis Elimination Video Contest

First Annual Hepatitis Elimination Video Contest

Stakeholder answering questions at Ghanaian hepatitis summit
Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination


The Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination invites all those working to eliminate viral hepatitis to submit short videos between 1-4 minutes long that show your work in action. 

The goals of the video contest are to:

  • Illustrate the key activities underway to achieve hepatitis elimination

  • Share the ways interventions are delivered in diverse settings across the world

  • Highlight the efforts of communities in advocating for elimination and the benefits elimination in term has on individuals and communities.

Contest timeline

The contest opens on February 6, 2020. The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2020

Video criteria

There are five themed categories for submission. The categories represent the activities essential in achieving hepatitis elimination. Each video should reflect at least one of the five themes; videos that reflect more than one theme will have a greater chance of receiving an award winning a prize. Content can include remarks from local community  leaders political and hepatitis experts; the use of data for program planning., monitoring implementation, and measuring impact; demonstrations of the delivery of prevention, testing, care and treatment services, the roles of local partnerships,  community education and other events, essential program shots with narration, testimonies from healthcare professionals or patients, health marketing campaigns social and more. 

  • Category One: Political and civic support

    • Content suggestions:

      • The work of civil society organization in increasing awareness and support for action

      • Public statements and interviews with political or community leaders,

      •  Community education campaigns 

  • Category Two: Data to plan and evaluate programs

    • Content suggestions:

      • The collection of data in health surveys and clinical settings

      • Graphical displays of data regarding the burden of hepatitis disease, key populations affected, and  expected or realized improvements in health with hepatitis elimination

  • Category Three: Appropriate and feasible interventions

    • Content suggestions:

      • Display of a model of cares

      • HepB vaccination especially of newborns

      • Effective Infection control and blood banking

      • Harm reduction services linked with hepatitis testing and treatment for persons who inject drugs

      • Testing with linkages to care

      • Simplified treatment regimens 

  • Category Four: Sustainable models for financing

    • Content suggestions:

      • Interviews about cost-effectiveness and investment case analysis

      • Activities showing integration of interventions into health systems and existing health programs

  • Category Five: Participation in operational research

    • Content suggestions:

      • Ongoing micro-elimination activities

      • Interviews of study coordinators on research goals and emerging lessons from studies

      • Discussion of research gaps

Other criteria

  • Videos must be original work, shot in color, and contain no added background music.
  • To ensure video quality, videos must be at least 480p.

  • Videos should be submitted as MP4 files.

  • Videos should be between 1-4 minutes in length.

Submission instructions

  • Submit videos by clicking here

  • There is a limit of two video submissions per participant.

  • Anyone over the age of 18 can submit videos that display the work to eliminate viral hepatitis.

  • For each video, submit a caption that includes the name of the program, the location (e.g. town, country), the setting (e.g. community, clinic), information about individuals prominently featured in the video, the date of the video, and brief description of the activities being showcased in the video.

  • Please remember to download, complete and attach to your submission a Video Permission Form to grant the Task Force for Global Health and Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination the right to use the videos submitted in the Video Contest for advocacy and educational purposes. The participant will retain ownership of the videos submitted to the contest. This form is attached to this web-page under "Documents."

  • Submissions without a caption, permission form, or meeting the stated criteria will not be considered.

  • Select which category/categories your video fits within.

  • Press submit and you will receive a notification that your submission has been received.

  • If you are interested in submitting your video by YouTube link instead of file upload, please email globalhep [at] for instructions.


There will be one Grand Prize award. Each of the five categories will have a First and Second place award for a total of 11 awards. The awards are as follows:

Overall award: Cash prize of US$ 1,500 

Category First Place: Cash prize of US$ 500

Category Second Place: Cash prize of US$ 250

Judging and selection

Videos must be submitted by March 15th for consideration. The videos will be evaluated by a panel of judges selected by the Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination. The panel will include representatives of organizations that have worked to prevent or eliminate viral hepatitis. Winners will be selected the week of April 13th (Note: Results have been delayed to allow judges more time to review the videos given consequences of the pandemic in many countries. We hope to announce the results by the end of April).


The participant will retain all ownership of their videos and grants the Task Force for Global Health and Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination perpetual rights to use all submitted videos for advocacy and educational purposes, with attribution.

Ethical considerations

By participating in the contest, contestants acknowledge that they have obtained all necessary permissions for the video(s).

Contact information

Email globalhepatitiselimination [at] for more information or requests for clarification.


Photo credit:  Charles Ampong Adjei, Hepatitis Alliance of Ghana