CGHE Community of Practice Newsletter: January 2022

CGHE Community of Practice Newsletter: January 2022

January 2022:

The Coalition began welcomes the new year and share opportunities for early 2022 including:

  • Webinar on Optimizing HCV linkage to care: Experiences implementing laboratory-based reflex testing - January 27
  • Webinar on Bridging Science & New Therapeutics for HDV Elimination.

Other updates were:

  • Requesting a proposal for developing campaigns for Hepatitis B Birth Dose in Africa.
  • The Ghana National Hepatitis Elimination Profile establishing a national hepatitis elimination strategy.
  • WHO 150th Executive Board Meeting: Recommendations for next WHO Hepatitis Elimination Strategy
  • Saving Africa's Future Generations Against Hepatitis B Virus Infection: The Hepatitis B Birth Dose Vaccine

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