CGHE to Co-Convene International Viral Hepatitis Elimination Meeting

CGHE to Co-Convene International Viral Hepatitis Elimination Meeting


IVHEM 2021

ATLANTA,GA- The Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination is excited to announce that it will be co-convening the 2021 International Viral Hepatitis Elimination Meeting (IVHEM) with Virology Education. IVHEM is a global forum for the exchange of practical experiences for translating diagnostic and therapy advances of viral hepatitis into broad applications that accelerate progress towards the elimination of viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030. Dr. Ward, Director of the Coalition, is a Program Chair of the Meeting, alongside Dr. Huma Qureshi, the National Focal Point for the Pakistan Hepatitis Elimination Program.

The specific meeting objectives include: 1) to provide a forum for knowledge exchange and discussion of practical experiences related to the clinical management of viral hepatitis; 2) to provide a toolbox for the practical application of research & development for evidence-based policymaking, and 3) to facilitate cross-disciplinary discussion on barriers and challenges preventing the elimination of viral hepatitis. To that end, this year's meeting will focus on reviewing the status of hepatitis elimination globally and nationally and sharing new evidence on how to implement programs that improve the prevention of viral hepatitis and increase the number of people accessing testing and treatment. 

 The final program is in development. Planned sessions include: 

  • Viral Hepatitis Elimination: Where do we stand?
  • Hepatitis Micro-elimination Programs
  • National Hepatitis Elimination Programs & Scale-up Strategies
  • Family Approach to Prevent Viral Hepatitis

As a co-convener, CGHE will provide scholarship registration funds to Coalition partners in low- and middle-income countries and will also develop a synthesis report and other enduring meeting materials. In addition, the Coalition will release a set of National Hepatitis Elimination Profiles at the meeting to contribute to the discussion on evaluating current progress towards elimination goals. Stay tuned for more information.

This year's meeting is planned as a hybrid meeting from 3-4 December 2021. The in-person component will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Ward Welcome Message

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Important meeting deadlines

Abstract deadline: September 10, 2021

Early registration: June 6, 2021

We hope you join us at IVHM 2021!