Announcing Support from the John C. Martin Foundation

Announcing Support from the John C. Martin Foundation

The Coalition for Viral Hepatitis Elimination is pleased to announce a recent grant from the John C. Martin Foundation, which will provide support for the Coalition's role as Secretariat for the United Nations Group of Friends to Eliminate Hepatitis. We are grateful for the John C. Martin Foundation’s partnership in our efforts to pursue a world free of viral hepatitis.

The UN Group of Friends to Eliminate Hepatitis was initiated, under the leadership of the Permanent Mission of Egypt, in September 2022 and formalized in 2023. The John C. Martin Foundation’s generous grant will support the Coalition’s secretariat functions for the group, including managing logistics and communications to encourage participation by all Member States, and to increase awareness regarding the launch mission and goals of the group.

The Group of Friends will focus on building political commitment for hepatitis elimination within countries and globally. Participating Member States will meet regularly, along with supporting organizations, with goals such as information sharing, strengthening international cooperation, and promoting equity.

About the Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination

The Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination, a program of the Task Force for Global Health, is a nonprofit bringing together global partners to achieve worldwide elimination of viral hepatitis. The Coalition supports local capacity by expanding the necessary knowledge base, providing technical assistance, and mobilizing commitment to achieve elimination goals.

About the John C. Martin Foundation

The John C. Martin Foundation is a private nonprofit organization established in 2014 with the goal to facilitate sustainable improvement of health care, with a focus on the advancement of control and prevention of endemic illnesses among underserved populations.