Strategic Plan Against Viral Hepatitis in Senegal 2019-2023 Policy Brief


Strategic Plan Against Viral Hepatitis in Senegal 2019-2023 Policy Brief

Virus targets
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
WHO region
African Region
Geographic level

Senegal Programme National de Lutte Contre les Hepatites

Year of HBV Elimination Goal
Year of HCV Elimination Goal

Executive Summary

The NSP envisions a Senegal free of new viral hepatitis infections, where all people living with chronic hepatitis B and C know their status and have access to high quality health services and treatments without discrimination and/or stigmatization.

The 5-year objectives of the Plan are framed by those of the WHO, and consider both financial and human resources limitations, as well as the other health priorities of Senegal.

The specific objectives of the NSP have been defined as the following:

► Objective 1 : Raise community awareness of viral hepatitis and reduce stigmatization and discrimination

► Objective 2 : Strengthen hepatitis epidemiological data through research and surveillance

► Objective 3 : Prevent transmission of viral hepatitis

► Objective 4 : Improve the diagnosis and treatment of chronic hepatitis

The most critical interventions of the action plan relate to prevention and treatment, and are described below.

  • Vaccination of health professionals
  • Vaccination of new health care staff or in training
  • Birth-dose vaccination Screening for HBsAg
  • Treatment for viral hepatitis B and C

The plan aims to increase existing prevention efforts and implement a solid infrastructure of awareness raising, clinical training, epidemiological surveillance, monitoring and evaluation, and supply chain management to launch high quality programs that could rapidly expand over the next decade.

The next 5 years will see not only a substantial reduction in new HBV infections, but also health system strengthening, which will allow the programs to evolve and develop rapidly and efficiently, which will be important given the expected growth in treatment demand.

06 May 2020