Innovations in Hepatitis Elimination Author Interview Series

Innovations in Hepatitis Elimination

Innovations in Hepatitis Elimination Author Interview Series

The Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination, in partnership with Clinical Liver Disease (CLD), a journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease,  launched the "Innovations in Hepatitis Elimination" series to highlight efforts advancing hepatitis B and C elimination globally.

This series provides an opportunity to publish timely reports on real world experience in planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating hepatitis elimination programs or projects. With the series greater emphasis on the “how-to” of hepatitis elimination, short editorial-style articles and reports in this series will more readily share lessons learned and new data.  We hope this will help the community of practice capture and apply lessons to accelerate progress towards elimination.

Each article is accompanied by an Author Interview to learn more about how the innovation was conceived and implemented and what implications there may be for other elimination programs globally. Interviews occur about every month. Watch the previous interviews below.

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Last day updated 25 May 2021
CLD Author Interview

Impact of COVID-19 Response on Hepatitis Prevention Care and Treatment: Results From Global Survey of Providers and Program Managers

In this month's "Innovations in Hepatitis Elimination" author interview on February 11th, Dr. Ward reviewed key findings from the Coalition's global survey of hepatitis providers and program managers on the impact of COVID-19. We also heard from some of the survey respondents who will describe their experience in delivering hepatitis services during the pandemic, including the challenges they faced and the mitigation strategies they found effective in maintaining access to care for their patients.