Hepatitis C Action Plan for England, 2004


Hepatitis C Action Plan for England, 2004

Virus targets
Hepatitis C
United Kingdom
WHO region
European Region
Geographic level

Public Health England


Executive Summary

Action 1: Surveillance and research

Key issue: Improve surveillance and research so that trends in hepatitis C infection and the effectiveness of prevention measures can be monitored

Action 2: Increasing awareness and reducing undiagnosed infections

Key issue: An estimated five out of every six people with chronic hepatitis C are unaware of their infection. This requires action to increase awareness of hepatitis C amongst health professionals, the public and high-risk groups and the promotion of testing in a range of accessible clinical and community settings.

Action 3: High-quality health and social care services

Key issue: High-quality services for the assessment and treatment of all patients with hepatitis C needs to be co-ordinated and accessible across the country.

Action 4: Prevention

Key issue: There is evidence of ongoing transmission of hepatitis C, particularly among injecting drug users. Prevention efforts need to be intensified to reduce the spread of hepatitis C in at-risk populations

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