Hep Free 2030: The Hawai'i Hepatitis Elimination Strategy 2020-2030


Hep Free 2030: The Hawai'i Hepatitis Elimination Strategy 2020-2030

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Hep free Hawai'i

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Executive Summary

Hep Free Hawai'i  (HFH)  is a coalition  of over 90  local, national, and global partners dedicated  to increasing awareness of and access to viral hepatitis and harm reduction services throughout   the state of Hawai'i. Originally a partnership  between the Hawai'i Department  of Health's Harm  Reduction Service Branch, the Hawai'i Health & Harm Reduction Center (formerly the CHOW Project and the Life Foundation),  and the AIDS Community  Care Team, they have grown by connecting  with communities across the islands, aiming to make Hawai'i truly "Hep Free."

On World Hepatitis  Day, July 28 2019, they partnered with the Hawai'i Department  of Health and the  Hawai'i Health & Harm Reduction Center to host the inaugural meeting to develop Hawai'i's  Hepatitis  Elimination Plan. It was attended by 45  stakeholders including patients, consumers, medical and social service providers, policymakers, among others. The meeting was also attended by Lieutenant Governor Josh Green, who proclaimed hepatitis elimination an important priority for Hawai'i.

This strategy aligns with recommendations from other plans:

  • CDC Winnable Battles Framework, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
  • National Strategy  for the Elimination of Hepatitis B and C, The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine    
  • National  Viral Hepatitis Action  Plan, United States Department of Health and Human Services 
  • Global Health Sector Strategy on Viral  Hepatitis,  2016-2021, World Health Organization

"Hep Free 2030: The Hawai'i Hepatitis Elimination Strategy 2020-2030"  aims to eliminate hepatitis  in Hawai'i by addressing  viral hepatitis along the continuum  of a "care cascade" or "result  chain", step-wise  frameworks  that reflect the need for a multi­ pronged,  intersectional approach  to truly eliminate  hepatitis. This strategy is intended to integrate with other local plans, including "H20: Hawai'i HIV Elimination  Plan."

Based on the core values of harm reduction, social justice, intersectionality, and aloha, community partners identified five priorities to eliminate hepatitis A, B, and C in Hawai'i:

1.   Awareness and Education

2.  Access to Services

3.  Advocacy at All  Levels

4.   Equity in Everything

5.   Data for Decision-Making

Evaluation  of goals, objectives, and critical issues will take place during monthly meetings and annual stakeholder convenings  through 2030.

Photo of Hep Free Hawai'i plan 2020-2030


11 Aug 2020