End Hep C SF Strategic Plan 2020-2022


End Hep C SF Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Virus targets
Hepatitis C
United States of America
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Region of the Americas
Geographic level
Local (City or community)

End Hep C SF (San Francisco)


Executive Summary

Our strategic plan is designed to move us forward toward our vision of the future, using a collective impact framework and evidence-based decision-making to continue to make change.

Vision Statement

End Hep C SF envisions a San Francisco where hepatitis C is no longer a public health threat, and hepatitis C-related health inequities have been eliminated.

Mission Statement

To support all San Franciscans living with, and at risk for, hepatitis C to maximize their health and wellness. We achieve this through prevention, education, testing, treatment, and linkage to reduce morbidity, mortality, and stigma related to hepatitis C.

14 Aug 2020