Mrs. Linda Jiamin Zhang (2020)

Mrs. Linda Jiamin Zhang (2020)

I have realized that there is a way to communicate with policy makers and experts and patients to let people know the truth. It’s been step by step with people like me speaking up. It’s easy to change regulations but it takes time to change people’s minds. After 10 years of changing regulations, workplace discrimination still persists. We must now go further to educate people.

Mrs. Zhang has worked tirelessly over the past 20 years to help eliminate hepatitis B stigma and discrimination in China by breaking down legal, education, and implementation barriers. As early as 2003, she led an effort to convince the Mayor of Suzhou to ban discriminatory practices in the workplace and in schools. She has been involved from the street to the courtroom, including high-profile legal battles like the case of Dr. Zhang versus Anhui Province. Her collection of written testimony from national and international experts on the real transmission pathways of hepatitis B led to Mr. Zhang being the first person to win a case against hepatitis B discrimination in China.

In 2012, she joined the Stanford Center at Peking University in Beijing. She collaborated with the Global Business Group on Health to attract more than 30 multinational corporations to enroll in the JoinJade program, which reaches over 500,000 employees each year with training on stopping hepatitis B workplace discrimination. She has also built a nationwide network of student associations with more than 300 college teams and created an NGO, JoinJade Fund, that has supported and trained more than 200 NGOs to help educate the rural and urban communities in China about hepatitis B. Each year, her team directs a month-long World Hepatitis Day campaign with celebrity posters and videos that are shown at subway, bus stops and social media and reach millions of people in China.


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