Mrs. Jo de Lisle

Mrs. Jo de Lisle

Hepatitis C Project Manager, HealthShare Ltd

I really enjoy bringing people together who don’t usually meet, for example needle exchange, hospital, primary care and probation services. We help build trusted relationships where we can develop ways to work together. Often the solution is not expensive or hard, it’s just identifying what’s required. The answers for hepatitis C elimination sit within the community and we just need to listen for the solution.

Picture of Jo de Lisle

Mrs. de Lisle, originally trained as a registered nurse, is the Hepatitis C Project Manager for HealthShare Ltd, a regional shared service agency based in the North Island of New Zealand. In this role, she has coordinated and supported stakeholders to deliver a mobile, integrated hepatitis C services across Midland region. Her focus is aimed at providing a community “One-Stop-HepC shop.” This approach means tailoring a testing and treatment program for each community by collaborating and developing new partnerships with other community services. This grassroots approach might lead her team to bring mobile fibroscan machines to communities with no medical facilities, set-up testing clinics in a probation office lobby, and promote testing incentives such as tea and long-life milk in areas with no electricity. This point-of-care, pop up shop approach has expanded hepatitis C treatment access widely, from gang members in Salvation Army Halls to rural communities with one road in and one road out.

She was also instrumental in developing a seamless electronic hepatitis C referral system for general practitioners to refer into the regional services and drove a project where hepatitis C laboratory results were electronically pushed back to general practitioners with reminders to follow up.

Mrs. de Lisle is passionate about bringing health services to the people, health equity, and ensuring health care is compassionate. Her dedication has put Midlands Region on track to be the first region to eliminate HCV in the country. Her lessons learned have informed the development of New Zealand’s National Hepatitis C Action Plan, which is currently going through the sign off process.

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