Dr. Ba Wensheng (2019)

Dr. Ba Wensheng (2019)

Department of Immunisation, Qinghai Center for Diseases Prevention and Control, China

 For 15 years, he has improved hepatitis B prevention through education, outreach and vaccination among persons living in remote agricultural and high altitude areas of western China.  

Photo of Dr. Ba

Ba Wensheng is the Chief of the Second Division of Immunosurveillance, Department of Immunisation, Programme, Qinghai Center for Diseases Prevention and Control; associate chief physician; member of the Hepatology Branch of Qinghai Provincial Medical Association. He has been engaged in the prevention and control of hepatitis for a long time, especially the health education intervention, prevention and control of viral hepatitis B in agricultural and pastoral areas at high altitude.

Dr. Ba's goals are to strengthen vaccination and establish immune barriers; reduce disease transmission; optimise detection strategies; standardise treatment management and improve treatment outcomes; promote publicity and education, gradually improve patients’ quality of life, strive to eliminate social discrimination and reduce the burden of disease caused by viral hepatitis.