Approach: National Hepatitis Elimination Profiles

Approach: National Hepatitis Elimination Profiles


The development of the profiles relies on close collaboration with government officials, leading clinicians, and civil society, a reflection of the Coalition’s community of practice.  In addition, the profiles were developed with strategic guidance from organizations such as the Pan American Health Organization and the Latin American Association for the Study of the Liver (ALEH). All data presented and reviewed and validated by local stakeholders.

The National Hepatitis Elimination profiles bring together key data across a number of perspectives to assess the status of prevention, testing, and treatment programs. The profiles begin with an overview of the national commitment to elimination, the epidemiologic situation, progress towards WHO goals, and then present a policy framework and assess recent advances, key challenges, and notable innovations. The policy framework is the most comprehensive portion of the profile and seeks to lay out the essential components for building and scaling a hepatitis elimination program that is equitable. The profile ends with suggested next steps to further advance elimination efforts.

A summary of data included in the profile is below:

  • Country goals and targets: Country’s HBV and HCV Elimination goals (either WHO or individual goals)
  • Epidemiologic situation
    • Prevalence of HBV and HCV (recent modeled and surveillance data)
    • HBV and HCV-related mortality 
    • Incidence or new cases of HBV and HCV
  • Status of program planning and service delivery  & Progress towards WHO goals
    • Progress to elimination – proportional declines in incidence and prevalence
    • Coverage of key interventions (HBV vaccination, testing, treatment, harm reduction, healthcare safety)
  • Policy environment: Assessment of the status of key policies related to: Strategic information, Registration of medicines/tests, HepB Birth Dose and PMTCT, HBV and HCV testing policies, HBV and HCV treatment access, Financing, and Health equity
  • Recent advances in elimination: Achievements in scale-up of hepatitis B/C prevention, testing, and treatment services
  • Innovations: Micro-elimination projects and other operational research projects underway
  • Key challenges: Challenges/barriers to elimination and the impact of COVID-19
  • Considerations for next steps: Key recommendations for enabling elimination

A full set of indicators explored in the profiles is available here. This list also includes definitions for each indicator.

Data is collected from credible sources, including government and WHO reports and the peer-reviewed literature, building on the Coalition’s country data dashboards.