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What we do

The Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination (CGHE) is working towards the acceleration of hepatitis B and C elimination by strengthening the capacity of national and sub-national elimination programs through advocacy, technical assistance, research, knowledge generation and dissemination among partners united in a community of practice. 

The three strategic areas of CGHE are described more below:

  1. Connecting and supporting programs: Connect programs in a Community of Practice to facilitate peer learning and support programs with evidence-based tools, technical assistance, and strategies that build local capacity to prevent, diagnose, and treat hepatitis.
  2. Building the evidence base: Build the evidence base by updating existing hepatitis elimination data and tools, spearheading data analyses and new research, and developing new technical assistance tools.
  3. Mobilize commitment: Mobilize commitment for global hepatitis elimination among public and policy stakeholders in partnership with civil society, advocacy organizations, and other critical partners around the world to build awareness, instill urgency, and secure funding for elimination. 

CGHE 2021 strategy

Last day updated 15 Nov 2022